Band Names 6

Band Names 6

J. Walter Weatherman


Lucille 2

Operation: Hotmother

(Can you tell what I’ve been watching…?)

Flex Mentallo

The Hoaxer

Danny the Street


Wally Sage

Paste Pot Pete

The Colonies

The Local News


Pavement at The Greek Theatre

When Pavement announced that they would be reuniting for a tour this year, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let anything stop me from seeing them. When the closest show to me seemed to be Coachella, and the festival was only selling 3-day passes, I leaped for the internet to find an alternative. Luckily for me, they were scheduled to play the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley. It just so happens that I was planning an intercontinental trip for as soon after the show as possible, and in a case of good fortune, the flights were cheaper from San Francisco than from Los Angeles. I bought the ticket, made the plans, and prepared for the best show of my life.

In the most significant example of good fortune, that’s just what I got.
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Band Names 5

Band Names 5 The Concentric Circles

The Ought Nots

Lil Darlin and The Apostrophes



Kodak Bear



The Chalkboards




Band Names 4

Orbit of UranusThe Sleeping Bags

Amber Sand & the Ampersands (alternate: Anne Percent & the Ampersands)



Dick Sprang


The Sticks

The Whispers


The Bags

Mondays In Space – 2/8/10

For the first night of their month-long residency at Spaceland, Princeton seems to have taken one of a few possible routes. It could be that they chose supporting acts who would make them look better in comparison or it could be that they invited artists with a young-ish following, in order to try and snag a few fans for themselves. Of course, there’s always the possibility that they actually like both of the performers that opened for them, but for that to be true wouldn’t speak too well of their taste.

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Band Names 3

Band Names 3

Band Names 3

Great and Tearable
Safety First
Mobius Striptease
Lester Bowlcut
Derrick Clapton
My 2 Cents & the Nickel-And-Dimers
L.A. Tigers
Cor Blimey!
L.A. Guyz
Dotted Line
Expletive Deleted
The Humanity
The World
The World Wide Web
The Information Super-Highway

More Band Names

More Band Names!The L.A. River
The Health Nutz
The Reporters
The Paleontologists
The Panhandles
The Underscores
Funeral Giggles
Big Ups
The Suction Cups